Small Feed Pellet Machine

Flat die feed pellet machine is manufactured with special technology, the machine processes the surface of the pellet smoothly, the hardness is moderate, and the pellet specifications can be changed and adjusted at will.

Small Feed Pellet Machine For Sale
Small Feed Pellet Machine For Sale

The high degree of internal maturation of feed pellets can not only make starch paste, protein coagulation denaturation, improve the nutritional quality of feed, easy to digest and absorb, but also kill general disease-causing germs and parasites.

Through the adjustment of die compression ratio, it can reduce the temperature of pelleting, and can produce a variety of animal feed pellets. The pelleting moisture is about 13%, without drying and natural cooling. Lima small pellet machine is best for home and farming use, please feel free to contact us!

Model Capacity Power Voltage Pellet Size Weight Dimension
LM120 60-100kg/h 3KW 380V/50hz 2-8mm 80kg 750*310*620mm
LM150 150-220kg/h 4KW 380V/50hz 2-8mm 95kg 770*340*680mm
LM200 200-300kg/h 7.5KW 380V/50hz 2-8mm 190kg 1000*430*950mm
LM230 300-400kg/h 11KW 380V/50hz 2-8mm 290kg 1150*500*970mm
LM260 400-600kg/h 15KW 380V/50hz 2-8mm 330kg 1200*500*1030mm
LM300 600-800kg/h 22KW 380V/50hz 2-8mm 440kg 1320*530*1070mm
LM400 800-1000kg/h 30KW 380V/50hz 2-8mm 600kg 1450*620*1180mm
LM500 1000-1500kg/h 45KW 380V/50hz 2-8mm 1000kg 1640*850*1580mm

How Much is a Feed Pellet Machine?

So how much is a feed pellet mill, it seems that in every user consultation will mention this problem. On the current market data feed pellet mill prices range from a $1000 to $5500.

For new farmers how to pick out a cost-effective pellet mill equipment is simply a luxury.

500-1000KG/H Feed Making Plant For Sale

Because each manufacturer is different, the model is also different, the offer will also be different, the price of feed pellet mill and the output per hour is corresponding, the greater the output price will also be relatively expensive. So the user can not be selected by the price, because now there are many small manufacturers in order to survive, to ultra-low prices to guide users.

But in the quality of the equipment is greatly discounted, the quality does not meet the standard. It is recommended that users choose a high-profile, good reputation, regular pellet mill manufacturers to select.

Working Principle of Animal Feed Pellet Mill

Flat die feed pellet mill consists of motor (diesel engine), gear box, main shaft, coupling, die plate, pressure roller, feed hopper, cutter, discharge hopper several parts.

Small flat die pellet mill is based on mechanical circular motion, diesel engine, electric motor as the power to drive the transmission shaft, transmission gear variable speed to the main shaft and template, so that the template rubbing pressure wheel rotation, under the pressurized pressure wheel extrusion, the material from the template hole extrusion, after the cutter cut finally from the lower material mouth roll out particles.

Large and medium-sized flat die pellet mill is driven by the motor pulley to the gearbox or the motor directly connected to the gearbox gear drive to the gearbox for power, drive to the gearbox spindle on the pressure roller assembly, in the pressure roller assembly, under the pressure of the pressure wheel, the material from the template hole extrusion, after the cutter cut off the last from the lower material mouth rolled out of the particles.

Advantages of Feed Pellet Machine Price?

poultry livestock feed making process
Pellet Making Machine for Poultry and Livestock
  • It can process cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, pigeons, fish feed pellets, one machine is multi-functional feed pellet machine.
  • Dry material processing, processing out of the feed pellet hardness, smooth surface, internal maturation degree is good, conducive to animal digestion and absorption.
  • Comprehensive nutrition, to avoid animal picking, can improve animal intake, shorten the growth cycle.
  • Independent processing of feed, reduce costs, economic and environmental protection, convenient transportation, and facilitate storage.
  • The equipment is suitable for large, medium and small aquaculture, grain feed processing plants, livestock farms, poultry farms, individual farmers and small and medium-sized farms, farmers or large, medium and small feed processing plants use.

Flat Die Vs Ring Die Pellet Mill : What’s Difference

  1. Price: ring die pellet mill price is much higher than the price of flat die pellet mill.
  2. Output: flat die pellet mill can produce about 60-1000 kg per hour.
  3. Feeding method: flat die pellet mill relies on the material’s own weight to enter the pressing chamber vertically while the ring die pellet mill adopts the curve on the trough rolling compression feed.
  4. Pellet smoothness and compression ratio: the die roller gap of flat die pellet mill is usually 0.05-0.2 mm, and the flat die one is usually 0.05-0.3, the smoothness of the pellets pressed out is high. However, as long as the machine is a regular professional pellet mill manufacturer, it can meet the qualified production standards.

Thus, if you use the equipment in the pelletizing output and compression ratio requirements are not high, (hourly output of 800 kg or less) it is recommended to choose flat die pellet mill.

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