Poultry Feed Making Machine Price in Nigeria

Poultry feed making machine is used to convert mash feed ingredients into dry pellets. This produces strong pellets suitable for poultry feeding. It converts mash feed into pellets by adding no water. The machine can produce various sizes of pellets, including 2mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm. The age and size of the poultry determine the size of the pellets you produce.

small poultry feed making machine for sale
Poultry Feed Making Machine For Sale

The roller and die compress your mash feeds when they enter our machine through the top feed inlet. This is a great option for small-scale production of feed pellets.

Superiority of Poultry Feed Pellet Mill

  • The chicken feed pellet mill is small in size and simple to operate.
  • It is easy to maintain. The feeding port allows you to easily inspect the problem and then shoot it.
  • Low cost. High quality components are used in the chicken feed pellet press, including the key components. This reduces the maintenance cost for the Nigerian population.
  • The pellets are finished with a high level of hardness, a bright and clean surface, and full inner maturity, which promote digestion.
  • The pelleting chamber is heated and pressurized, so common parasites and pathogens can be completely killed. This increases the ability of chickens to fight disease and reduces the mortality rate.
  • There are four types of power available: electric motor, diesel, gas, and PTO. These can be used for any economic level country or region, including those without sufficient electricity like Nigeria.

Why choose Poultry Feed Processing Equipment

The development of portable poultry feed pellet machine has made life easier in recent years. Farmers can easily set up a portable poultry feed factory to make feed pellets from anywhere. It allows farmers to turn different grains into feed pellets. This diesel poultry feed pelletizer is a great investment for individuals. It can help you save money by providing enough feed. However, it can also be used to increase the growth and nutrition of your poultry. Many farmers are now using portable poultry feed pelletizers to make their own feed pellets.

This equipment is ideal for home or small-scale poultry farms. They are kept alive for healthy and fast growth. For poultry, feeds should be balanced in nutrition and composition. This homemade poultry feed pelletizer was developed with the goal of improving nutrition and palatability. It can help speed up poultry growth. This poultry feed pelletizer machine can produce feed pellets from 2-10mm in size to meet the needs of different growth stages.

How to make poultry feed pellets with Feed Pellet Machine

500-1000Kg/H Small Poultry Feed Production Plant for Nigeria
500-1000Kg/H Small Poultry Feed Production Plant for Nigeria

The process of making poultry feed pellets requires a number of steps. The main steps in making chicken feed pellets include raw materials treatment, pelletizing, packaging, and mixing.

  • Raw Materials Processing – raw materials (corn meal, soybean meal) should be cleaned and ground into fine powder using a feed hammer mill.
  • Materials Mixing – All powered materials are thoroughly mixed in the mixer.
  • Feed Pelletizing –mixed material are fed into a poultry feed machine to be pelletized.
  • Cooling of Feed Pellets: Then, the chicken feed pellets are compressed and transported to a cooling machine to bring the temperature down to about 5.
  • Pellet Packaging Optional:finally produced chicken feed pellets can be screened and packaged.

The detailed process of making feed pellets is also available to other animal feed production plants, such as cattle feed processing plants. We have assisted many customers in setting up animal feed pellet plants in Australia, Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya over the years.

Buy Portable poultry feed pellet machine in Nigeria

A poultry feed pellet machine can be used to make your own poultry feed pellets. There are many types of animal feed pellet machine, but the flat die pellet mill is most economical for small and medium-sized farms, poultry farms, and feed pellet manufacturing plants.

You can choose to drive your portable poultry feed mill machine with an electric engine, diesel engine or PTO depending on your needs. You can choose the one that suits your needs. Contact us for more information about the machine parameters and price. We can also provide a customized plan or product catalog to help you produce poultry in Nigeria.

This portable poultry feed mill uses the gap between the material powders to reduce it and then form the pellets under pressure, temperature, friction, and pressure. The chicken feed pellet mill can be divided into three parts depending on the material state. These are the extrusion, feeding, and forming parts. The extrusion section, which includes the pelleting die and the pressing roller, is the most important.

Setting up a poultry feed mill cost in Nigeria

A poultry feed pellet plant can be built to reduce the cost of poultry farming. A small poultry feed pellet production line will cost less than one that uses the same equipment and poultry pellet production process.

These are some suggestions for choosing the right equipment

  • Choose the right pellet mill machine based on the input and raw materials
  • Mixer output is at least 1.2x that of a poultry feed mill
  • The output of the poultry feed mixer is twice as high as that of the grinder.
  • Vertical mixing machines cannot be used if the straw or straw raw material is greater than 20%. For screw conveying, a device for breaking the arch must be used 
  • A conveyor should be used if the raw materials are more powdery. It is not recommended that you use a crusher to transport the material directly.

Lima Machinery is the world’s leading manufacturer of poultry feed pellet mills. It continues to invest in its R & D department to ensure that it provides customers with high-quality equipment at a competitive price. Our skilled technical engineers are able to quickly create a customized plan that includes factory design, equipment selection, and more. We have many other poultry feed pellet mills around the globe that you might be interested in. Contact us to receive the project reports.

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