Poultry Feed Making Machine Price in Kolkata

Because of its superior benefits, such as comprehesive nutritions and long storage time, and palatability, chicken feed pellets are becoming more popular with poultry farmers.

More poultry farmers are looking to purchase high-quality, efficient animal feed pellet machines at a reasonable price for their business.

Flat Die Poultry Feed Making Machine

Small Poultry Feed Making Machine
Flat Die Pellet Mill For Sale

The main shaft and die are driven by the gear box. They have friction with the roll, which can result in a friction temperature of around 80 degrees Celsius. The material goes through high temperature under the pressure of the press roll and forms high-quality pellets. They are then discharged from the outlet. The position of the cutter bit can adjust the length of the pellets.

The data obtained from the experiments with a wide range of raw materials is used to create the flat die that houses the mini poultry feed machine. The majority of raw materials can be made into pellets with better results. If you have low rates of pelletization or particle dust, adjust the compression ratio to achieve the best pelletizing results.

To find out the exact price and details of mini poultry feed machines, please contact us. We also offer mini animal feed mill machines that can be driven by motors or diesel engines to meet your requirements.

High Efficiency Pellet Mill for Poultry Feed Making

Ring die feed pellet mill is the most efficient and highest-producing poultry feed machine on the market. It is equipped with a feeder, motor, support frame, motor, and modulator. The advanced pelletizing technology combined with its scientific structure makes it an ideal choice for small, medium, and large-scale chicken farms. It produces high quality pellets at a low cost.

Ring die Pellet Mill for Poultry Feed Making
Ring Die Pellet Mill For Sale

Raw materials such as straw, corn/maize meal, soybean meal, straw, rice/husk, and grass are used to make poultry feed pellets. Most chicken feed pellet machine manufacturers or suppliers can provide customized service to meet your specific production needs.

Poultry Feed Machine Technical sheets and Price List

LIMA Machinery is the world’s leading manufacturer of animal feed pellet mills. It has been doing so for over 10 years. There are many types of poultry feed mill equipment available that can be customized to meet the needs of different customers. Our poultry feed machine is extremely efficient in making chicken feed pellets.

The latest price for poultry feed machine

There are many types of chicken feed pellet machines that we offer for sale. They also vary in price and capacity. Although the price of a mini poultry feed machine may be low, it can produce a lot more than our flat-die feed pellet machine. The lowest price machine may cost you around $500.

It will usually cost more to buy a high-capacity feed pellet machine. The Ring Die poultry feed machine price is approximately $10,000 to $20,000 more than the previous mentioned. Contact us to receive the most recent promotion price list for our poultry feed pellet machine.

The advantages of the Poultry Feed Pellet Machine

2T Poultry Feed Making Machine

Low investment

Because poultry feed processing machines are small, they require very little space. This saves money on renting large areas and reduces the time required to install it.

Low production costs

The poultry feed machine doesn’t require many people to be operated. It only requires one to two men to operate the poultry feed machine. This not only reduces labor costs but also greatly reduces production costs. Profitable products are those that have low production costs.

Highly Environmentally Responsible

It can kill microorganisms that are generally pathogenic and parasites, and it can also prevent certain diseases from arising. This will protect all poultry from disease.

Highly Convincible

It is easy to install because of its simple structure and small size. It takes only a few minutes to assemble the different pieces. It is easy to install and maintain.

Wide Application

Different sizes of pellets can be produced by poultry feed machines. You can feed all your animals with one machine. Farmers can keep multiple types of animals on the farm with poultry feed making machines.

Low Installation Costs

Chicken feeders are easy to assemble and simple to purchase. In just minutes, you can assemble the different pieces. This saves money on hiring qualified workers for assembly. To help him, you only need one qualified person.

Poultry Feed Making Machine Features

Easy Maintenance: Pellet mills are affordable, so these components of poultry feed manufacturing equipment are simple to maintain. Regular maintenance, proper lubrication and wiping off any dust are all necessary to maintain your chicken pellet machine in top condition.

Multi-aperture design: This means that you can use the same poultry feed machine to make chicken feed and other livestock feed. Switch between the apertures when making feed pellets for another animal.

Stable drive system: Another distinguishing feature is the upgraded belt drive and drive system for the pellet mill. You can expect high performance and short production times with this car-like rear axle differential. To minimize gear ratio losses, the couplings made from high-quality steel are also available.

For beginners: This poultry feed pelletizer machine is simple to use and requires very little or no technical knowledge. The machine is easy to operate and requires only one person, which reduces labor costs. This guide will show you how to make chicken feed using a machine.

We offer a variety of models with different rated powers. There are many options, ranging from 4HP to 50HP. There are many models with different power. You can choose to buy petrol, diesel, or electric motors depending on which type you prefer.

How can you make your own poultry feed pellets

(1) Material Selection

You should choose raw materials and chicken feed additives that provide all the nutrients the chickens need. The ratios of all materials must be controlled as they directly impact the chicken’s ability to eat the poultry feed pellets.


The raw materials used to make chicken pellets are then sent for crushing at a small poultry feed mill. The chicken feed crushing section reduces particle size to suit the chickens’ consumption sizes. At first, the chicken feed raw material is uneven in size. It is often too large to be easily found by small chickens. The raw materials for chicken food are then subjected first to the chicken feed grinder system. This reduces the size of the raw material and makes it smaller so that it can be made into chicken feed pellets. This allows chicken poultry animals to be more nourished and healthier.


As the name implies, this section mixes chicken feed raw materials in batches. This is often done after the chicken feed grind and before the feed is mixed. The system is composed of three basic components: Vertical Spout magnet to remove metallic ingredients from the pellets; bucket elevator to remove heavy particles; and the chicken poultry feed mix machine, which mixes the chicken pellets together.


The soft feed is then processed by Batching. This is the final step in the chicken pellets making process, called Pelletizing. The quality of chicken pellets depends on the modulation and control of the material. Granulation is affected by heat, water addition time and water addition. The pellet quality, relative hardness, and yield are affected by the die hole diameter and thickness of the ring-die poultry chicken feed pellet machine.

The soft feed is converted into small pellets for easy storage and transportation in the ring die poultry chicken food pellet machine. These chicken feed pellets can be made by pushing the soft pellets through holes in the metal and then cutting them into smaller pieces for animal consumption. The chicken feed pellet manufacturing process is vital as it ensures the chickens get proper nutrition. This allows them to control how many calories they consume from the chicken pellets. This can also be helpful if you need to change the chicken’s diet.

There are also cooling, screening and packing sections. However, these sections can be customized to meet the needs and budgets of customers. If natural cooling is used then there is no need for a cooler. However, manual packaging can be used so there is no need for a scale. These are all small-scale chicken feed processing, such as small-scale poultry farms or feed mills.

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