Animal Feed Pellet Making Process and Machine Advantages

Pelleted feed can give animals a better performance and a higher quality of life than mixed rations. A feed processing machine can make small feed pellets from different types of solid grains.

  • Feed Pellets Size: 210 mm
  • Animal feed pellets are used for chicken, ducks, geese, and other livestock such as cattle, goats, goats, and pigs.
  • Raw materials for animal feed pellet production: Beans, Rice, Corn Bran, Beans and Oil Cake.

A simple and efficient process for making animal feed pellets – Small business or farm use

How do you make animal feed pellets? Here are the steps required to make animal feed pellets. This process can be used in small animal feed processing plants for commercial purposes and is also applicable to making feed pellets for your own farm.

small animal feed processing plants
Small Feed Making Machine Plant for Sale
  • The pellet mill feeder regulates the speed at which raw materials are delivered into the pelleting machine.
  • In a chamber known as the conditioner, mixed materials that should always be dry are combined with steam to create mash (wet mashing).
  • The wet mash goes by gravity to the next stage, which is the pelleting chamber. Here it is pushed forward and converted into different sizes and shapes.
  • Hot pellets (or feed pellets) are dropped by gravity to a cooler. The hot feed pellets are made durable and hard by cooling them.
  • The next chamber is where the feed pellets are screened is called the screening machine.

The availability of high quality feed for the animals is the key to a successful small- or large-scale poultry and livestock feed manufacturing plant. Animal feed pelleting machines can help achieve this. Feed pellet machines are a great way to ensure that your farm makes a profit and has income all year. It is worth it to test the machine on a small animal.

Small Animal Feed Pellet Machine For Sale 

Why Should You Choose Small Animal Pellet Machine
Animal Pellet Mill For Sale

Because of its many benefits, small feed pellet mills are highly popular in the market. Lima Machinery offers small feed pellet mills with the following features in addition to their usual features:

  • The seal design of the spindle bearing and press roller is completely closed. The bearing and the lubricating grease are free of contamination, which will increase the life expectancy and reduce maintenance.
  • To increase the efficiency of pressing, the overall pressing roller has three rollers. The material of the pressing roll is also flexible.
  • The die plate’s material is thoroughly upgraded and then alloy steel is forge and processed. The material is hard, wear-resistant and long-lasting after vacuum heat treatment.
  • Automatic CNC drilling is used to drill the hole in the die disk. This process can increase machine productivity and lower production costs.
  • The Reducer uses a hypoid bevel gear for high transmission efficiency, stable transmission and reliable work. It is compact in structure, energy-saving, space-saving, wear resistance, long lifetime, and low noise.

Where can I buy a good machine to make animal feed pellets?

A feed pelleting machine is an important equipment for making different feed pellets for different animals. Based on the output, flat die and ring-die feed machines are two of the most popular animal feed pellet mills.

Flat die feed mills are suitable for small-scale, medium, and large scale feed pellet production. It can be equipped with an electric engine, a diesel engine, a PTO engine or a gasoline engine. The most common use of small electric animal feed pellets machines is in poultry farms, livestock breeding facilities and small-scale feed pellet mill plants.

The ring die pellet mill is better suited for large and medium-sized commercial feed processing plants.

Lima Machinery is one of the most important Chinese manufacturers of animal feed pellet mills. For different production requirements, we supply different types and models of feed pellet machines at wholesale prices. Our equipment has seen many improvements over the years and is now exported to many countries.

We also have agents in other countries. We strive to provide the best service possible, with the highest quality and the most affordable price for our customers. We can help you find the best plan for your business in animal feed production by simply contacting us with your requirements.

Lima Machinery – Small Feed Pellet Mill

Supplier of small feed pellets for poultry cattle and fish feed production: Get a low-cost feed pellet machine from an animal feed processing machine manufacturer. Also, receive a free technical instruction on animal feed pellet production.

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