How to choose a chicken feed pellet machine

How to choose the right chicken feed pellet mill for you, in recent years the poultry farming industry is booming, chicken farming also occupies a large space. Farm breeding many chickens, the daily feed are required higher production costs, so many farmers began to buy feed pellet machine, their own production of feed, which can greatly reduce their production costs.

How to choose a chicken feed pellet machine
Small Chicken Feed Pellet Machine

So if you want to choose the right chicken feed pellet mill for you? Here’s the 4 tips for you:

1. Output size

Many users who buy feed machine will look at the model, than the price, but the price of feed machine than the premise is to see the yield, if the yield is different prices are certainly different, so the premise than the price must first look at the yield of the feed machine. Different output has different prices, for example, want to produce five tons of feed pellet machine per day, but the purchase of feed pellet machine is not up to standard, it will greatly reduce our output.

2. Whether it is safe

Feed pellet machinery and equipment should be safe and reliable, stable performance, not easy to fail, whether there is an emergency device, can maintain its technical performance for a longer period of time. Safety is the first production premise of production, without safety all work is empty talk, so we must pay attention to the safety of production.

3. Price of the equipment

The price of feed pellet mill equipment is what every customer wants to know, good quality and low price is what every customer wants, but the customer should know that cheap is not good, good is not cheap, do not buy inferior products because of greedy small profits.

4. After-sales service and maintenance work

Feed pellet mill equipment work for a long time, there will inevitably be some failures or need to replace the spare parts, it is necessary to contact our manufacturers to solve the problem, and at the same time to do a good job of maintenance of the feed pellet mill regularly add lubricating oil, and so on, so that you can greatly avoid the problem of failure.

The above is how to choose the right chicken feed pellet mill for you. Chicken feed pellet mill is widely used nowadays and is a good helper for poultry farmers.

Small feed pellet machine for farm use

This animal feed pellet machine is mainly used for the production of chicken, pig, rabbit, fish and other poultry feed. Animal feed pellet machine by electric or diesel engine drive, diesel models can meet the power shortage. It is commonly used in small animal feed pellet production lines.

They are made of particles by shaft drive and high-tech technology, and do not use water when working. They belong to dry input and dry output. The pelletizer can produce feed pellets of different sizes by varying the mold range from 2.5 mm to 8 mm. Customers can choose according to their needs. It is widely used in various breeding farms and for home use, families. Mainly exported to many countries, such as Russia, Algeria, Finland, Thailand, Malaysia, Italy, Japan, Zambia, Bangladesh, and so on.

Best chicken feed production line from LIMA Machinery

1T/H Chicken Feed Production Line Sent to Nigeria
  • Water regulation: The water content of feed raw materials should be about 10-12%. Dryers are used in the production of medium and large commercial feed.
  • Crushing: The crushing of grains or other large particles to achieve better granulation and improve production efficiency.
  • Mixing: Mix all the feed ingredients according to your feed formula.
  • Pelletizing: The prepared mixed feed is sent to the chicken feed pelleting machine and pressed into pellets.

Tip: Before purchasing equipment to produce chicken feed pellets, it is recommended that you consider your main feed formula. Therefore, feed manufacturers can customize the pellet mold to ensure optimal granulation results.

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