Cattle Feed Making Machine

Cattle feed making machine is our factory in the domestic and foreign advanced flat die feed pellet machine, after repeated research, improvement, carefully manufactured animal feed pellet machine. The gear of car differential is used as transmission to avoid the traditional belt drive slip, belt wear too fast. It is an ideal feed processing machine for farmers and feed mills.

500-1000kg/h Cattle Feed Making Machine For Sale

This cattle feed pellet mill has various production capacity from 50kg/h to 1500kg/h. According to the production scale, it is divided into small scale capacity and large capacity. The small scale capacity of 50-80kg/h, 100-150kg/h, 150-200kg/h is suitable for small farms, and the output of 500kg/h and above is ideal for medium-sized farms or feed production plants.

Small Feed Pellet Machine For Sale
Small Feed Pellet Machine Price

How to Obtain Feed Pellets for Cattle?

There are two types of cattle: beef cattle and milk cattle. Beef cattle are primarily responsible for providing meat, while dairy cattle produce/provide milk. Dairy cows need to be fed a high-quality, energy-rich diet rich in protein, calcium, and phosphorus. This will ensure reliable milk production. 

This will ensure that milk supplies are reliable and animal health is maintained. Traditional animal feeds such as grass and Napier are not sufficient to meet this demand. In order to ensure consistent product supply and animal welfare, animal feed pellets have slowly replaced traditional feeds. How do you obtain feed pellets for cattle? Feed pellets can be made from pre-determined scientifically approved rations.

You can determine which milk production method is best for your animal by reviewing its past history and medical records. Your profitability will increase when you meet all your cow’s requirements. Lima Machinery is committed to setting up feed making plants and producing high-quality feed pellets to help customers make more money.

2T/H Cattle Feed Production Line for Sale

Cattle Feed Raw Materials

You can make cattle feed pellets from at least five different types of raw materials

  • You can use either cereal products such as sorghum or barley, wheat, rye and maize.
  • Because they are high in protein, legume seeds make excellent ingredients for pellets. These seeds could include broad beans, field beans or protein peas.
  • You can also try seeds from oleaginous plants such as soy, flax and sunflower.
  • Traditional animal feeds such as grass and hay can be ground into flour essence to give your animal an appealing aroma.
  • The pulp from dried beet makes a great addition to animal pellets.

Cattle Feed Pellet Production Flow Chart

A cattle feed pellet production line is required to make animal feed. It works by crushing and mixing all the raw materials. Mixing happens in the feed pellet blender. This action ensures even distribution across all batches. The cattle feed pellet machine will produce a final product that is soft and moist. This is the next step, or pelleting. The product will still be moist at this stage, which is not what you want. The pellets may have a moisture content of at least 17%, whereas the ideal moisture level is below 12. To achieve the desired conditions, the pellets are dried in a cooler while still moist.

Benefits of Pelletizing Cattle Feed

A pelleting feed is a great way to improve animal health and efficiency.

Your animals will also receive a balanced mix of feeds that meets their energy, mineral, and protein requirements. Remember that the better the pellet, the better the performance.

It is important to remember that you can use the machine on your farm but also for industrial purposes. This will increase the production of cattle feed pellets. So that the seller can be more informed, you can tell them what your requirements are so they can guide you.

High Quality Cattle Feed Pellet Machine For Sale

Lima Machinery’s feed pellet machine is straight-line in design and easy to set up and maintain. It can grind different sizes of holes to produce different animal feed pellets. The feed pellet machine can be used in large, small, medium, and small grain and feed processing facilities, livestock farms and poultry farms, individual farmers, small farms, and farmers.

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