Best Cattle Feed Formulation For Fattening Cattle & Dairy Cow

make your own cattle feed

Why make your own cattle feed

If the cost of cattle feed is too high and the result is not apparent, then you’ll find that the breeding cycle did not make any money or lost any money. Consequently, some cattle farmers with a larger income have started to formulate their own cattle feed formulas. Modern society makes it easy to purchase feed ingredients. The preparation of cattle feed raw material can be found in most major stores all over the globe. Feed mixing equipment can also be purchased.

Farmers need only to purchase the core ingredients of the feed. Then they can add corn bran, soybean meal and vegetable meal. Can be made to feed the most cost-effective full-price feed. You can save some money and get better results. First, let’s understand how to prepare cattle feed formulation. Once you have a good understanding of the nutritional structure and composition, you can then purchase the appropriate raw materials and make the feed in the right proportions. Premixes, full-price concentrates, pellets and pellets are the most popular cattle feeds.

Full-price feed is the most nutritious and practical feed. It contains all of the essential nutrients, including vitamins, trace elements, calcium, phosphorus salt, fattening agents, antibiotics, and other drugs. A suitable best cattle feed formula is necessary to make homemade cattle feed. It can be used to create a range of ingredients for cow feed and a balanced nutrition structure.

These are some classic cattle feed recipes that will help farmers and their friends.

Dairy Cow Feed Formulation and Dairy Cow Feed Ingredients

Dairy Cattle Feed Ingredients for Dairy Calves

Soybean meal 22%, corn 60%, soybean meal 22% and bran 13.5%.

Dairy Cattle Feed Formulation in Milk Production Period

(1) Corn 62%; soybean meal 27.5%; bran 5%; sodium chloride 1.5%; baking soda 1.5%; Dairy Prosperity High-Yield Dairy Premix 2.5%.

(2) Corn 63%; soybean meal 22%; caraway cake 9.5%; salt 1.5%; baking soda 1.5%; dairy high yielding cattle premix 2.5%.

(3) Corn 61%, soybean meal 21%, caraway cake 10%, bran 2.5%, salt 1.5%, baking soda 1.5%, dairy high yielding dairy premix 2.5%.

Best Cattle Feed Formula For Pregnancy Period

In Pregnancy Period:

(1) Corn 42%, soybean meal 27%, bran 26.5%, salt 1%, baking soda 1%, cow mother 1 2.5%. 

(2) Corn 46%, soybean meal 30%, bran 16%, calcium bicarbonate 2%, salt 2%, baking soda 1.5%, cow mother 2 2.5%.

(3) Corn 50%, soybean meal 16%; bran 22%; cottonseed cake 66%, bran 222%, and baking soda 1%.

(4) Corn 45%; soybean meal 20%; bran 22%; peanut cake 8.2%; salt 1.2%; baking soda 1%. Double-effect mold killing clear 0.1%. Cow mother No. 1 2.5%.

During lactation period:

(1) Corn 55%, soybean meal 28%, bran 12.5%, salt 1%, baking soda 1%, cow mother 1 2.5%. 

(2) Corn 56%, soybean meal 30%, bran 6%, calcium bicarbonate 2%, salt 2%, baking soda 1.5%, cow mother 2 2.5%.

(3) Corn 50%, soybean meal 19% and bran 18% respectively.

(4) Corn 54%; soybean meal 20%; bran 13.2%; peanut cake 8.8%; salt 1.2%; baking soda 1%. Double-effect mold killing clear 0.1%. Cow mother No. 1 2.5%.

Cattle Fattening Feed Formulation And Ingredients

Cattle Fattening Feed Ingredients For 7-10 Months:

(1) The general cattle feed formula is 48% corn, 14% Bran, 35% Cottonseed Cake, 1% Stone Meal, 0.5% Bone Meal, 1% Salt, 0.5% NaCl.

(2) If the cattle weigh between 150-200kg, and their daily weight gain is 1000g, then you can feed them 3kg of this formula, 3kg corn silage, and 2.2kg wild hay.

(3) If the cattle weigh between 20 and 50kg and gain 1000g per day, you can generally feed 3kg of this formulation, 5kg corn silage, and 2.5kg wild hay.

Cattle Fattening Food Ingredients for Weighing Over 300kg and Gaining More Than 900g per Day 

(1) Corn 67.5%, bran 9%, soybean meal 15%, stone meal 1%, bone meal 0.5%, salt 1%, sodium bicarbonate 0.5%.

(2) Corn 70%, bran 88%, caraway cake 20%, stone meal 1% and bone meal 0.5% respectively, salt 1%

(3) Corn 70%, bran 7.5% and cottonseed cake 20%. When the weight is 301-350kg and daily weight gain of 1000g, this formula can be fed 3.5kg. Wild hay can be fed 3kg. When the weight is 351-400kg, this formula can be fed 4kg. Wild hay can only feed 3kg.

(4) Corn 58%; bran 10%, cottonseed cake 15 and rice bran 15.

(5) Corn 68%; bran 15%, caraway cakes 15%, stone flour 11%, salt 1%

Cattle Feed Formulation For Late Period:

(1) Corn 74%, soybean meal 21%, salt 1%, baking soda 1.5%, cattle fat 2 2.5%.

(2) Corn 72%, soybean meal 15%, vegetable meal 7%, salt 1%, baking soda 1%, cattle fat 2 4%.

(3) Corn 68%, soybean meal 8.7%, bran 4%, soybean (cooked) 4%, expanded cottonseed 5%, unshelled peanut cake 5%, salt 1%, baking soda 1.5%, double-effect rumen treasure 0.1%, pastoral peptide treasure 0.2%, cattle fat 2 No. 2 2.5%.

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