Benefits of Feed Pellet Machine

A feed pellet mill is a type of equipment. Choosing a high-quality feed pellet machine will not only help to reduce feed costs but also protect the animal’s nutrition balance. The market for feed pellet mills is saturated. There are many classifications, including the flat-die feed pellet machine and ring die feed pellet machine. You can divide the use into small household pellet mill, poultry feed pellet mill, cattle feed machine, fish pellet machine and rabbit pellet machine and so on.

Small Feed Pellet Machine for Sale

What are the Benefits of Using a Feed Pellet Mill

  • Can be used to avoid the pickiness of animals. The formulated feed formula contains a wide range of ingredients, nutrition, and comprehensive to help animals avoid choking on other ingredients. Storage, transport and feeding can reduce feed loss by as much as 8% to 10%
  • High feed rate. High feed rate. Pellet feed can improve the feed conversion rate, i.e. the rate of return, in comparison to the powder. The average daily gain for a granular feed fattening the pig was 4%; the feed meat ratio for Feeding Broilers was 3%-10%.
  • Transportation economy and storage. After granulation, feed bulk density can be increased by 40%-100%. This reduces storage space and saves transportation costs.
  • Easy to use and maintain. Powders with small amounts of velvet feed are often mixed with molasses, high fat, and urea feeds, which can get stuck in the library. The fluidity of pellet feed makes adhesion rare. This is why it is most commonly used for large-scale feeding of poultry farms or dairy cattle using automatic feeders. 
  • Reduce environmental pollution by avoiding automatic classification of feed ingredients
  • Kill Salmonella in animal feed. Salmonella can be killed by steam heat high temperature quenching or tempering granulation.

The characteristics of a feed pellet machine

  • Simple structure, low noise, and small floor area.
  • Powdered feed and grass meal can either be granulated with or without liquid.
  • The feed pellet machine produces pellets with a high hardness, smooth surface, and full maturity. This can increase the digestibility and absorption of nutrients, kill parasites, and improve digestion. These pellets can be used to feed rabbits, fish and other experimental animals. They also have higher economic benefits that mixed powder feed.
  • You can use the feed pellet machine to granulate different materials. It has many aperture moulds.
  • It adapts to different materials and provides a pressing effect. It is necessary to apply a lot pressure when compressing sawdust or corn straw. The roller component of granulating equipment is the heart of the entire equipment. To extend the life of its rollers, the company uses high-quality alloy Steel.

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