Animal Feed Making Machine

Animal feed pruduction is complex processes of grains and animal by-products such as molasses, vitamins and oils, fats and minerals to create a balanced formula that meets the nutritional needs of different animals at different stages of their lives.

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Feed processing is the science of food. It involves determining the nutritional properties of food, including content, fiber, moisture, and using precise measurements in feed pelletizing machines. We are now introduce the animal feed making machine.

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Raw Materials for Animal Feed Making Machine

Corn, soybeans, soybean, rice and wheat contain between 10-14% protein. They also have vitamin B1, B2, and B6 as well as a small amount of enzyme.

High protein, high-protein material that can be used to feed livestock and poultry. A typical meal has around 38% protein. However, it also contains approximately 12% crude fiber and/or glucosinolates which are specific elements of Cruciferae plants.

Straw meal, straw meal, grass meal and rice bran: These fibers control many types of fish disease.

You don’t need to crush grains such as wheat, soybeans, or corn before they can be pelleted. However, our animal feed pellet maker machine can press them directly into pellets. If you are making animal feed from scratch, only one raw material is required. But if you make multiple materials, a mixer machine will be more efficient because the powder can be mixed evenly.

The Animal Feed Pelleting Process

Animal Feed Pelleting Process

To begin the process, you need to clean the seed particles. Next is size reduction which involves grinding. The process of grinding is where all ingredients are reduced in size so that the mixer can perform a similar function. The elements are ground again and stored separately after that. Dosing, weighing, and mixing is then done. The ingredients are kept in the mixer for a specific time, during a wet and dry mix period. Next, the liquid is added to the mixer and the pelletized feed goes through two processes. Starch gelatinization was performed. The bacteriology level was also involved. Starch gelatinization results in feed pre-digestion. The bacteriologic levels helps reduce high temperatures. After drying, the feed is covered with liquids to add oil, fat, or flavor. Finally, it is screened to remove any remaining fines prior to bulk storage or bagging.

The Machines Used in the Manufacture of Animal Feed Pellets

In general, complete equipment for the manufacture of animal feed pellets requires several types of machine and processes, which are not only suitable for home or farm use, but also for commercial feed pellet plants. The basic facilities for the manufacture of feed pellets for chickens, cattle and pigs are as follows.

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  1. Crusher Machine: For small and medium-sized farms with feed raw materials such as straw, corn and oil meal, the raw material should first be made into powder or at least small size so that it can be pressed into pellets later. For crushing silage, a chaff-cutter and crusher will be used. For crushing corn, wheat, etc., need to use hammer crusher.
  2. Mixer Machine: There are horizontal mixers and vertical mixers. It mixes the crushed material evenly and ensures that each feed particle contains all the necessary ingredients.
  3. Feed Pellet Machine: Flat die feed pellet machine is usually used to make feed pellets at home. It is favored by small farms for its advantages of ease of use, small footprint, smooth feed, low consumption and fast granulation speed. Ring mold feed pellet machine is also a relatively large production capacity of choice, for example, SZLH250 feed pellet machine family size unit, production of 1000-2000 kg/hour, for the production of feed particles is quite convenient. And for the production of fish and shrimp floating feed particles, feed extruder is a good choice.
  4. Cooler: Actually, this is not necessary for making feed pellets at home, as small volume production allows the pellets to cool naturally. But for relatively large volumes, pellets cooler can be a great help and save farmers a lot of time.

The Advantages of Animal Feed Pelletting 

  • Because it is broken down into starches, the heat used in animal feed processing makes feedstuffs easier to digest.
  • The pellet makes the feeds more concentrated.
  • It helps to reduce weight during the eating process.
  • Pelleted feed allows the animal to eat a balanced diet, rather than just one or two ingredients.
  • This allows for animal feed to use all nutrients in the ingredients, resulting in a more balanced animal feed.

Do you need a machine to process animal feed?

Every farmer who works with animals should have their own feed pellet making machine. You can farm animals such as poultry, horses, pets, fish, and sheep if you have your own animal feed processing machine. All animals require healthy, balanced meals.( Relate Post: Pig Feed Making Machine For Sale )

How to Choose the Right Feed Making Machine

The animal feeds machine produces a variety of pellets that can be used in a variety of applications. There are many animals that can be eaten. The pelletizing machine can also be divided into various types of machines such as small poultry feed mill machinery, cattle feed mill, and chicken feed making machine. If you are looking for the best machine to make animal feeds, you should contact a reliable supplier or manufacturer. They can help you choose the right machine to suit your needs.

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