Poultry Feed Making Machine

LIMA Machinery has been focusing on animal feed pellet mills for a number of decades. LIMA Machinery has an independent research and development team and at all times, we have an experienced team of engineers. We are able to provide turnkey solutions to our customers and help them reduce the cost of investing.

1-2T/H Poultry Feed Making Machine For Sale

For setting up animal feed pellet manufacturing facilities to feed poultry, we provide equipment selection, manufacturing factory design, on-site installation and commissioning, as well as various other support for technical issues. If you’re interested in setting up your own chicken feed pellet manufacturing plant. There is no mistake in choosing us!

Machines for Poultry Feed Making Process

The mechanization of farming and intensive poultry production has resulted in the wide use of equipment for making chicken feed which are used for different functions to produce chicken or broiler feed. Making food pellets to feed your chickens is easy and requires a few steps. The appropriate equipment to produce feed pellets for poultry, which includes grinding machines mixing machine and a poultry feed pellet mill and drying machine , among others.

Crushing – Grinding Machine or Hammer Mill

Gringing machines or crushing machines grind ingredients for chicken feed into a powder/mash , making it possible for birds to eat quicker as well as digest more quickly increasing the production of eggs, which are used for layering or broilers’ meat.

Mixing – Mixing Machine

Mixing machines are used to mix raw materials evenly and uniformly. There are many ingredients in chicken feed, such as wheat bran, corn flour and fish meal, as well as osteo meal and soybean meal, and all minerals and other ingredients are present. Through mixing, the chicken meal comprising all of the ingredients is blended uniformly and evenly.

Pelletizing – Pellet Mill Machine

The mixture will be transferred to the pellet mill feeder in turn, it is sent to a die and roller intruder. The pellets that are extruded will contain an average moisture content of 16-17%. Pellet mill machines are used to convert powdered feed into pellets that increase the efficiency of feeds in poultry farming . It also increases production of eggs production or the production of meat, and at the same time cutting down on the cost of curing.

Cooling Process – Cooler

The last step is cooling the pellets that have been freshly made so that the pellet’s temperature is comparable to outdoor temperatures and thus prolonging shelf life

The packing process – The packer

If you produce poultry feed pellets to sell or you have set up a pellet line for feed to reap the benefits it is recommended that you packers are equipped to boost the effectiveness of the entire manufacturing process.

Why You Need to Make Chicken Feed Pellets?

Types of Poultry Feed

If you’ve ever had chickens, then you are aware you can choose from three kinds of chicken feed can be purchased such as pellet, mash and crumble. You may be thinking however, among the three different chicken feeds which one is most beneficial for chickens as well as other poultry?

Mash produces waste due to the dispersal of grains, whereas crumble takes longer to make. It is then possible to make pellet food is a form made of feed for chickens that has the proper nutrition ratios for broilers and chickens. Pellet feeds are easy to create than the other two. We have examined the pellet feed to mashing.

Here Are the Highlights of Chicken Pellet Food

  • Pellets eliminate waste generated by the feed for chickens and water soiling as well as eating habits of chickens.
  • The weight of chicken feed can be reduced by 18% because of pellets.
  • Since chickens are vulnerable to contracting salmonella, feeding them pellets helps prevent chickens ‘ risk of contracting salmonella. Another thing that pellet feed can prevent is growth inhibitors and mold.
  • In addition to having a healthy and nutritious chicken diet, it’s also simple to make. The process of making pellets can be mixed with less difficulty size, particle sizes and mixing of ingredients.
  • The cost of chicken feed is reduced by 15% because of pellet food.
  • Pellet food contains the vitamins that chickens require to boost their digestive systems including Vitamin E as well as B12.

Superiority of Small Poultry Feed Pellet Mill

Wide Application

A machine for making chicken pellets can be used to create pellets that are suitable for cattle feeds, pork feeds feed for horses, chickens and duck feed. It can also be used for rabbit and fish feed.

Various Capacity and Die Diameters

The machine is available in various sizes based on the feed production capacity. It could be as little as 50kg/hour or even more than 1 ton/hour. Additionally, the different diameters of the die permit the production of pelleted feed in various sizes.

Different Powered Supply Meet More Needs

It is also powered by electricity through an electric motor also known as an internal combustion motor which runs on diesel or petrol. A mill powered by electricity is eco-friendly and efficient, but petrol or diesel powered model is more suitable for farmers who live in remote areas that are not connected to electricity.

Lower Cost than the Other Models in the Industry

In comparison to the model found in the machine for making chicken feed industry, the small poultry/poultry feed pellet mill made by Lima Machinery has high output with low energy consumption and the production rate was around 15 kg/kw. Other manufacturers typically produce 10 kg/kw The energy consumption per unit of production typically ranges from 0.05-0.06 degrees per kg.

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